Envast is a startup gathering experimented and creative talents and are ready to exceed challenges. We create innovative digital products by mixing new technologies with creative design. We have started operating in the field of education as we believe in its importance. Therefore we are willing to be leaders in that field by creating valuable educational products. As a qualified team, we have the potential to invest our skills further and explore other domains in order to move on towards success.

Our services

At ENVAST we work as an extension of your team. Whatever your idea is, our dedicated talents put at your disposal their expertise in the development of highly quality services because we are fully committed to share your project success.We are always incentivized to complete work at the arranged time and exceed your expectations.
As experimented video game developers we provide you with efficient video game services We put at your disposal our expertise to make video game adapted to your needs.
As experimented mobile app developers in mobile technologies. We provide you with efficient mobile services for either native or hybrid platforms across a variety of sectors. We develop personalized mobile application for any platform you choose, Android or iOS. We put at your disposal our expertise in all advanced mobile tech to make apps adapted to your needs.
Our main concern is to bring your ideas from concept to reality. Yet it’s a challenging mission but we guarantee that we will provide you with websites that combine the beauty of design, ease of use and clarity of content. We will help you deliver customized websites depending on your requirements to reach your goals. We avail you with modern secured websites that are conform to the latest standards.
We are following the trends concerning virtual reality as we are aiming to (be a creative actor) in the VR market. This is always motivating us to train and develop our skills to become able to work on different devices. Further our strong point is keeping up to date with the latest technologies. We are focused on creating an immersive digital experience through innovative content. So dare to imagine and come to test new virtual worlds! You will never regret it!

Our products

We have created a game that have an educational value for kids. Our goal is to make children learn while having fun. We have designed it carefully to simultaneously teach and
We believe that learning in an enjoyable way can be both attractive and easy for every pupil whatever his level is. For this reason we created “Class Quiz” a platform of online interactive exercises...



An event organized by Envast in collaboration with the American corner that brought together kids, educators and parents.
The second event of kidz talk was animated by 2 specialists, MrsSouadRachdi a pedagogical expert and DrManelDardour a child psychologist.