4 octobre 2018

Kidz Talk 2

The second event of kidz talk was animated by 2 specialists, MrsSouadRachdi a pedagogical expert and DrManelDardour a child psychologist. The event took place in a […]
4 octobre 2018

Kidz Talk 1

An event organized by Envast in collaboration with the American corner that brought together kids, educators and parents. Kids had the chance to express their opinion […]
28 septembre 2018

ATB Challenge, November 2017, Tunis

A competition launched in 2006 with the aim of encouraging, rewarding, young Tunisian carrying an original and innovative project in arts, business and technology. We won […]
28 septembre 2018

IMGA: International Mobile Gaming Awards, November 2017, Amman Jordan

An international competition for mobile video games that discovers the most talented mobile game developers around the world and boost the mobile gaming eco-system. In Robots […]
28 septembre 2018

Westerwell young founders’ conference, Berlin, September 2017

This program is for exceptional entrepreneurs from developing and emerging economies. Its focus is to connect young founders with successful entrepreneurs, investors and political decision makers.
28 septembre 2018

Sumsung Fast track, Tunis, February 2018

Accelerated entrepreneurship training in the field of new technologies organized by IMPACT partner.