Who we are

Envast is a Tunisian Tech Startup. It has been launched to design and develop gaming technologies in such an innovative way. We believe on the power of video games to engage users into a better communication experience that stimulate their passion. We have started operating in the field of education because we believe in its higher priority.

Our mission

We revive digital communication through gaming technologies. Envast promotes an authentic learning experience in which academic content is not presented through abstract problems but through role-playing situations, challenges and simulations. Our purpose is to shape the next generation model of education by revolutionizing the tools we use and the way we teach through a mixture of creative design, user experience, learning techniques, and engaging popular gaming technologies.

Our services



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Why we do it?

Education is an active process where learners should definitely be involved and engaged. However, as long as education feels dull, learners are not being motivated and engaged into an effective learning process. In this part, education loses its effectiveness. Especially in a digital age, were kids have grown up with digital technology and they are used to interact with developed and immersive tools.
In order to ensure the engagement and the motivation of learners, we give them the opportunity to learn through playing.

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