We have created a game that have an educational value for kids. Our goal is to make children learn while having fun. We have designed it carefully to simultaneously teach and entertain, we have presented it on an animated platform that seduces kids in all levels and encourages them to keep playing. It satisfies the child’s needs by providing creativity, enjoyment, enthusiasm and emotions while the learning takes place. You want to live a heroic experience? In Robots City you will be the hero who will make the lights glowing in the darkness. Hold your breath! You will enjoy an unforgettable and unique fun game in the most fantastic city of all time! With the Robot Anddy you will face new challenges in every step. You will rise your score while moving forward, the tempo will get higher and you will be more and more excited. Collect Holotapes and solve the puzzles to enhance your journey and restore the lost light and get the city back to life. Just play, discover, bring to light your talents and knowledge and you will never forget this amazing adventure!